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Negotiating Masterclass

Jon Berghoff | February 19, 2019


For the last five years, Jon Berghoff has taught an Executive Education class on Negotiating to Win. at Weatherhead School of Management . This class is SOLD OUT every time to executives and organizational leaders for $700 per seat.

Jon has had the great fortune of winning negotiations that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars - yes, multi-9 figures... for more than one company.

He’s also been on the losing side when there was a lot at stake. 

Jon still manages the majority of negotiating for his company today... it's something he loves, he is good at it, and he figured out some things that I know will help you.


  • How to strengthen and leverage emotional intelligence as your most important ally

  • Leverage - where it comes from and how to expand it instantly

  • Understanding your natural negotiating style, and how to counter-balance the potential weaknesses of each style

  • 4 Situational Strategy Scenarios... and which one you want to play in - every time

  • How to Expand the Pie vs. Distribute the Pie - and why this separates the losers from the winners

  • How to turn around a losing negotiation into a Maximized Opportunity for every party involved

  • The raw data that reveals which skills make the best negotiators, and exactly how to implement them