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QLM Masterclass with Gail Goodwin: Embracing Crazy

Embracing Crazy - Hear how Gail has created a life of adventure and crazy that most would only dream of - living on sailboats in the BVI for weeks on end (she first met Jon Berghoff while sharing a sailboat for a week!), building the world's first ever treehouse ski in/out lodges in Montana, delivering the Global Hug Tour to soldiers in Iraq (along with the longest love letter in the world)... just to name a few of her crazy stories!

Gail has been lifting people's spirits for years. Motivated by mentors like Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf and others, Gail realized the importance of daily morning inspiration in her own life. After years of gathering and sharing inspirational wisdom with others, she founded Inspire Me Today in 2008 to make the best inspiration easily available to the world on a daily basis. Inspire Me Today shares free daily inspiration with people in more than 150 countries.