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QLM Masterclass with Garrett Gunderson (2:00 — 3:30 PM EST)

Cash Flow Optimization or Keep Way More of What You Make

How to boost your bottom-line by 10 percent or more without working harder, taking any additional risk, or cut back spending whatsoever. 


Cutting back costs businesses a fortune. Garrett will share ways you can safely and legally save more in taxes, and have more money to do what you want today without hiring more people or increasing your overhead. 

Learning Objectives:

---> Boost the Bottom-line by identifying areas where money is leaking, and give practical strategies and examples that you can implement within 24 hours after the event. 

---> The 5 part framework to avoid tax traps and maximize tax strategies to legally reduce one of the largest liabilities Entrepreneurs and Business Owners face. 

---> How Entrepreneurs/Business Owners Can Build (And Keep) their wealth for generations using the Rockefeller Method.

---> Using Cash Flow Banking to leverage financial technologies favored by large corporations (think GE and Walmart) and big banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, etc) so they never lose a dime during market chaos...

---> Take Control Over Your Finances by discovering where you are handling your finances excellently AND where your finances are inefficient or need special attention. Garrett will also reveal little-known indicators that expose future financial problems. 

---> The 4i’s to efficiency. Putting money in your pocket without budgeting or cutting back. 

---> Identify your financial independence number and the most effective ways to get there in 3-7 years (rather than 30 years)